MonoCab VRT Rapid Transit System


Track Layout Examples:-

These track layout examples are preliminary only. 

Each will require a detailed study of demand and traffic patterns.

Brisbane - shows current rail and rapid bus networks as well as the MonoCab VRT solution.

Canberra - a MonoCab VRT alternate to the light rail track current under consideration by Australian Capital Territory Government.

Gold Coast and South East Queensland - a detailed case study has been carried out for this proposal.

Australia - There are an enormous number of possible track routes.  This map shows the most probable.  Each will require a detailed study of demand and traffic patterns.  Some of the inland routes may require Government assistance to be viable.

Galilee Basin Coal Mines - Abbot Point, Bowen - This is a proposal to transport coal to port instead of building a rail line as is currently proposed.


Galilee Basin Coal Mines - Gulf of Carpentaria - This is an alternate proposal to the one to Abbott Point, Bowen.

During public displays of our MonoCab VRT model, we conduct a written survey (name, address and comments). We also ask respondents two questions:-

Would you like the MonoCab VRT rapid transit system in your community?

The Response:-

YES - 99.42%

We also ask them to rate the system out of 10:-

Average rating = 9.54/10

You Can't Get Much Better Than That!!